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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 30, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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name of the retired officer since the situation is still under investigation. the police blocked off the street as investigators looked at the shooting of an alleged robert beyer retired city officer. >> and individual announced a robbery and brandished a weapon. the officer engaged the suspect, fired at least once, injuring the suspect. >> it is located just across the street. the police have not identified the suspect. he is in critical condition and is considered a brain dead. >> i believe whatever action the officer may have taken, it is [unintelligible]
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>> at the restaurant was opened for business on thursday. they were at the restaurant when the shooting happened because recently there was another scare. >> another person walked in here and a certain customer told of the individual it was not a good practice to walk into establishments [unintelligible] >> there is no indication that the person who wore the mask is the same man now critically injured. there is a strong medicine -- a message about security. >> not to that extent, because we believe that we have to be competent of a lot of things. >> and the restaurant's neighbors are upset about the robbery attempt.
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>> is a pretty nice restaurant. i am sorry anything like this happened. >> the police tell us that they found the suspect weapon at the scene. >> and toronto county police found a man who was killed while trying to rob a business yesterday morning. the 29 year-old walked into a store at the 12,000 the bloc and announced a robbery. no charges have been filed against the store owner. >> in baltimore county woman is going to a very tough situation. she might be evicted. we have more on the story. >> as baltimore county woman wants her identity concealed because the suspect who robbed her of more than $600 of grant
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money is not back yet. she was one of dozens of people and lined where residents handoff rent to workers behind these windows. the management company only accepts credit cards or cash if you're late on your rent. only those paying on time can pay by check. this woman and many others only had cash making them prime targets for a least a couple gunmen. >> i said i don't have any money. i'm just trying to pay my rent so don't get evicted. >> the suspects got away with nearly $2,500. during the robbery, workers behind the glass and ducked underneath their desks. the guard never came out to
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help. >> when you think of a system that allows people to line up outside of the building with cash? >> it sucks. why should we be outside because we are without rent. >> she got this eviction notice today. this unemployed resident has until january 3 to pay or get out. >> they should have that taken care of. who asks to be robbed? i don't think it is fair. gosh 11 news reached out to henderson several times, but the rental company says they have no comment. >> of the weather is pretty quiet today. a little sprinkle activity this morning holding the temperature
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is back in the 40's. we can still see a little shower activity. it should stay dry for the next 24 hours. the wind turns to the southwest and it will get even warmer. we would check the forecast for the upcoming years holiday in a few minutes. >> the city acknowledged the slow response to a blizzard. >> it was adequate and unacceptable. our goal is to not do an adequate job, we wanted to an exceptional job. it has not met the standards that they have come to expect from us. >> of the blizzard cover the big apple. >> some new tax laws again on
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saturday. if you are rich, you're getting a pretty good deal. what about the rest of us? are your taxes going up? the new tax laws taken on january 1. >> most americans find that their taxes they the same. paying about the same to uncle sam. after a tough fight, the bush era tax cuts, the more you make, the better the break. >> one of the big changes is that congress passed a social security tax holiday. >> 82% increase in take-home pay. >> remain cautious about spending.
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invest carefully. if you have a job, keep it. gosh the same old taxes. the irs is scrambling to finalize the forms. >> with only two days to the new year, there are still some days to take care of tax issues. >> it is literally around the youer and it doesn't mean can't save money. you can make your wallet a little heavier in the coming year. >> when it comes to your taxes, you are in luck.
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>> you only have a couple of days left. >> start getting your paperwork together now. >> go through your items the deducted the charities and your bank statements, you're interested in dividends. >> you can give up to 50% to charity. >> it could be worth 15 or 20%. >> if you have investments, tried to dump the losers to make up for games that you made on others. >> you can go ahead and sell those losing stocks and offset the gains. you could manipulate your portfolio in that regard. >> make your last payment before the year ends. >> if you make your estate tax payment, that is the deduction on your federal tax return for
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2010 as opposed to your deduction for 2011. >> try to pay as much as you can into your ira to maximize your production -- deduction potential. you have to have the work done or the products installed before the end of the year. >> maryland residents have new state laws take effect in 2011. the trial dates are automatically schedule. they will be able to ask for a hearing or request a court date for a trial. drivers will have 30 days to comply or risk having their driver's license suspended.
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into the home page of our web site. >> could 80 h.p. increase the child's risk for obesity? we will look at the latest research. >> we have a very dangerous time of year. >> these are disgruntled employees, and a look at the source. check out their credibility. >> that is the former u.s. senate candidate responding to allegations that she misused campaign funds. >> i will let you know why this is not just your usual blood drive.
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>> the president will stay in hawaii an extra day to squeeze in more family time. the president is now scheduled to be back in the oval office on tuesday, january 4. this is the second time they have pushed back their return to washington. christine o'donnell says her campaign has not been contacted about using campaign money to
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pay her rent. she questions the basis for the allegations. >> here is where the miscommunication and -- comes in. i pay the campaign money to use the town house as my legal residency. not the campaign pays me. they are taking it totally out of context. >> the attorney's office is investigating. ,> on this new year's eve eve it is a wake-up call for parents. more underage drinkers and up in the hospital than on any other
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day of the year. we are in the washington newsroom with this federal reports. >> kids and alcohol are always a concern, but drinking can increase the likelihood of other risky behaviors. it is a statistic so sobering, and the leaders say they were stunned. emergency visits are nearly four times higher than an average day. >> it is a very dangerous time. >> on january 1, an estimated [unintelligible] the alcohol-related spike is twice as high as the fourth of july and three times greater than memorial day weekend. >> it is tragic and totally preventable. they are missing out on a lot of
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things when they drank. we want them to make it to midnight. >> it should be a wake-up call to parents and conversation is the best defense. >> it is just plain dangerous. if we come together, we can change the culture around drinking in america. >> a combination of greater access to alcohol, less parental oversight, in the mixed messages are fuelling the spike. >> according to the national institutes of health, more people died on christmas and new year's in traffic fatalities than the rest of the year. for more information on strategies or resources to talk to your children about the dangers of underage drinking, go to our web site. children with attention deficit
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hyperactivity disorder might be at higher threat for obesity later in life. they have the diagnosis, but rather, the symptoms. the number of symptoms increase and so does the rest of future obesity. >> the most influential risk factors where kids had just one of these symptoms. most people are able to cope with losing their jobs, and the german researchers surveyed nearly 800 people that were at one time unemployed. those with the highest satisfaction were more likely to return to that positive mindset despite being negatively affected at the time they lost their jobs. >> now, if your forecast >> a little cloud cover today at some sprinkles were trying to
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develop. we even had freezing drizzle and the mountains. the rain shower activity associated with a disturbance in the upper level of the atmosphere is pushing down the coast. that will continue to work its way off to the east. we will say clear to partly cloudy skies for the rest of tonight, and it will be chilly. the temperatures have dropped back into the 30's and right now we are in the 40's. overnight tonight, we will see a few clouds hanging around. temperatures range between 27 and 35 degrees. we'll take it all away and the new year. tomorrow is going to be a decent day. it will be warmer with high temperatures in the lower end of the 50's. the advance the time frame and
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we can see showers developing in the ohio valley with a pretty strong cold front. this is 7:00 in the morning on new year's day. in new year's eve will be just fine, maybe just a few clouds. the rain starts to approach from the west and we can see some showers by 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening. it looks like the front kind of stalled so i don't know if the rain will get out of here sunday morning. there could be some lingering showers through the day and it will turn cooler behind the front. the forecast feels like this. the high temperatures between 50 and 55. eve, you will need a jacket, but it will not be what is considered cold. partly cloudy skies and on new
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year's day, go see a chance for rain showers late in the afternoon with a high temperature near 54. we will put a 50% chance for a few rain showers. it will be colder, the high temperature near 46. with respect to the 50's, you will feel the effect. perhaps a couple of rain showers late in the day on thursday. >> baltimore city is getting ready for the event of the year. >> and the fireworks show coming together. >> we are at the stadium with the ground crew as they get ready for the last home game of the regular season.
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>> preparations are in full swing where the annual fireworks show at the amphitheater. the party runs and 12 -- until
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12:30 on new year's day. >> we're offering free ride starting at 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m.. definitely take advantage of that. if people drive to downtown, be prepared to park. there is plenty of parking available. >> aaa is also offering free rides. you'll find more on the taxi service on our web site. >> not only is this sunday's raven's game the last game of the regular season, it is a home game. as the reporter explains, fans can expect a giveaway and a lot of other activities heading into the playoffs.
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>> the crew is hard at work. they are power washing seats in the stands. he is touching at the paint job in the end zone. everything you see on the field is hand-painted and it takes about two days from start to finish to do the job. also important is making sure the turf isn't netted down. they use a machine that rates and the plastic fibers. >> i brushed that out and take a broom. >> if we get lucky, we might get to host a playoff game. either way, they have some big plans for fans. >> we want to get the town painted purple. we will be around town
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throughout the night and throughout the day. we will be giving away free prizes through our web site and facebook. you can participate in these activities including finding the golden stenciled. on friday, we will have the caravans traveling all around town. >> they will get free wristbands' to support the project benefiting veterans. thanks to the bengals giving back some of their tickets, you can go. last paint't be the job he does this season. he has 32 years' experience. >> that is my plan. hopefully the players have the same plan as i do. >> it should be a fun game.
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go ahead, a reminder of the new laws that take effect in the new year. >> and getting high praise. the terms of their release and that includes an organ donation. >> a blood drive is going on to honor a young man that survived an incredible accident.
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wbal tv 11atching
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news in hd. 11 news at 5:00 continues now. >> he survived burns to more than half of his body, and those close to the college student are using it for a good cause. >> members of the community are rallying behind the unman to dona blood. it is blood that helps save his life. >> he was a student at the community college and enjoy sports and hanging out with friends. it was at a halloween party that he was involved a terrible accident. the firepit exploded into flames and he was burned over 60% of his body. >> he was living hour to hour.
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he went through six or seven surgery's. he was on a ventilator, he was in a coma. >> he is not a home but goes to the hospital for for five hours of physical therapy every day. 13 units of blood saved his life. family and friends -- >> i consider him a hometown hero. >> the team has really motivated a lot of first-time donors. i need to get up and do something. >> there also raising money for his growing medical expenses. they are encouraging people to donate blood because you never know who might need it next.
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>> the fact that you can go to the hospital and if they need blood they can go and open a refrigerator and save someone's life, it is such an easy thing to do. >> it goes on until 8:00 tonight. >> you can also visit our web site. >> and the new year will bring another hiring freeze for and around the county. the hiring freeze will take effect on january 1. it is necessary to avoid layoffs and reductions in services. prior have lasted between five months and 10 months. >> new laws take effect on the first of the year including trial dates that are automatically schedule.
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violators will be able to pay the fine or request a court date for a trial. drivers will have 30 days to comply or risk having the driver's license suspended. >> the radio station reporting that the former executive county executive jack johnson is no longer having to wear the monitoring device. the ankle bracelet hindered his efforts to defend himself and find a new job. he was arrested for destroying evidence in a federal investigation. the robber is clinging to life after he was shot by retired baltimore police officer. the man tried to rob a restaurant and investigators say the retired officer intervened and shot a 25-year-old. he is not expected to recover.
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>> robbers stole $11 from a couple of victims. a couple of women who were sentenced to life in prison who were there and say they took no part in the crime. and they are going home. >> had 16 years behind bars, they suspended their sentences deciding it was time to go home. the governor said their incarceration was no longer necessary for public safety or rehabilitation. they were convicted in 1994 for leading a couple of men into an ambush that according to a police report said they were not part of the plot. the young men that carried out the crime have already been
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released. supporters say even if guilty, the punishment was too harsh. >> you have a couple of girls, 18 and 19 that were given a double life sentences for a crime in which may be $12 was stolen. gosh the panel agrees that the women no longer pose a threat to society. >> is closer -- closure for the state of mississippi. >> after 16 years, some believe that that might finally be beginning to heal. >> they have been critically ill and one of the conditions of the release is that her sister donate a kidney if she is a match. >> closed-circuit video show a serial killer in action.
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>> he called his bathroom the slaughterhouse.
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>> an accident in west baltimore involving a bus and car. let's go live to captain roy taylor. >> this will be at fulton. eastbound this shutdown due to the accident. we're waiting for police to arrive and take care of the situation. we will update you. >> he is a psychology graduate and he calls himself the crossbow campbell. >> he pleaded guilty to three murders and has been sentenced to life in prison. we are now seeing the so-called killer in action. >> this is the face of a serial killer. the weapon of choice in a powerful crossbow.
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this is his voice taunting an ex-girlfriend. she said he beat her, broken nose, and cut her with a piece of glass. [laughter] >> he left the room seconds after killing his third of them, shot her in the head with an arrow. he claimed he ate parts of his victims. police found 81 pieces. 41 years old, he told police that he killed three sex workers. he called his bathroom the slaughterhouse. >> we can't begin to understand what drove this manipulative individual to take these lives in such a brutal and senseless
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way. >> there are pictures of him dragging his last victim into his room. and this final image, the killer after he killed. >> he refuses all food and drink. by christmas day, he reported to have lost 30 pounds and was in a weak state. >> just awful. >> i am dumbfounded. still ahead tonight, if your new year's resolution is to take control of your finances. of the wild weather continues out west. we will have the latest. >> a nice warmup. here is a look outside. 42 at the airport and downtown.
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>> son and baltimore are gathering to raise awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide. and we learn more about the retired city cop that thwarted a robbery and possibly save the
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>> college students are making the most of their time away from class. the students spending time to gather up packets. they're packing until saturday at the marriott downtown. now the wild weather as the
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coast gets pounded by even more snow. a desperate search for snow boarders are under way, underscoring how massive the system has been. >> in the winter weather that has been wreaking havoc delivered another blow on wednesday. snow and wind as left more than 10,000 homes and businesses without power around lake tahoe. the storm hampered the search for a missing snow border. >> the heavy snow, the heavy wind. there are no tracks that we can find. >> it makes travel tough as the storm dropped 7 inches of snow. in arizona, the department of public safety received more than 100 calls in a 3 hour. it was just over a mile when an
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american airlines flight slid off the runway. there were no injuries. the grandmother was killed when a tree fell on her while the granddaughter played in just feet away. heavy rain pounded the already saturated streets. after a week of the wet weather, mudslides are so damaging, about 100 residents -- she worries that this latest system could cause the huge hill next to her house to collapse. >> everyone here is keeping their fingers crossed and there to those open we won't get much more rain. >> placing 150,000 sandbags throughout the area, they cleaned out the debris. >> we want to keep it low enough
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to handle so that it doesn't come down into the city. >> communities throughout the west dealing with a winter retouching heading into the new year. >> we feel so lucky compared to what other folks are getting. >> it is very quiet at home and tell may be late new year's day there might be some rain coming in. it is better than snow. dodge the temperatures will be too warm for snow. like i told you, we get a little break going through the middle of january. we had a touch of cloud cover that held the temperatures back the little bit. the average high as 42. we still have a few clouds this evening, leftovers from this
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little disturbance that went through this morning. partly cloudy skies the rest of tonight with temperatures dropping into the low 40's. 37 in annapolis. 43 degrees in westminster and we should wind up in the lower 30's. above average for overnight low. let's take a look at the future. we will go all the way to new year's day. there is nothing going on tomorrow, it should be a nice day with temperatures making it into the 50's. let's go to new year's eve and new year's morning. that will stay there all the way through the new year holiday at midnight, so if you are going out tomorrow night, we expect a few clouds with temperatures in the 40's. pretty warm for this time of
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year. we have seen some rain coming in from the west. about 5:00 6:00 in the evening on new year's day, showers will arrive. some of this rain could be lingering. the front will stall in southern maryland and a couple of showers will stick around through the middle of the day. some of that will stick around through the middle portion of the day. a mixture of sunshine and clouds, a little warmer than today between 50 and 55 degrees. sun rise tomorrow morning at 7:26. relatively mild. that is not bad for this time of year. temperatures drop to about 37 and 38 degrees. the seven-day forecast new year's day, a chance for rain late in the afternoon. showers possible on sunday with
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a 50% chance on that and it will be much cooler. monday, tuesday, wednesday, no problem. >> some good news tonight on the economic front. the number of people seeking unemployment benefits fell sharply while home sales rose during the month of november. not everyone is impressed with the of the statistics. -- with the of the statistics. -- upbeat statistics. jobless claims dropped to 288,000, the lowest number since july of 2008. >> we would rather it go this way than the others.
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>> these particular numbers we have to take with a grain of salt. we have seasonal factors associated with the christmas season and retail hiring. and some winter storms prevented people from filing. >> factory activity grew at the fastest pace and 1988. and the number of people buying homes rose in november before an increase in june. >> it is encouraging, but we have to reach a level that i consider as healthy. >> only if out of work americans get back on the job. most people are looking to december's rate.
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>> as you the sales are making a comeback -- suv sales are making a comeback. sales are predicted to and 21% higher than in 2009. by comparison, car sales are up only 11% -- 1.1%, hybrids are down 8%. this is the biggest week of the year for a champagne sales. after several flat years, champagne sales seem to be getting their fizz back. sparkling wine sales are up 8% time. with many champagne bottles available for under $20, it is something worth posting to. all of the puns and that story
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were intended. put yourself on a budget. you can write an action plan and stick with it. request to lower interest rates to help you get out of that. break bad spending habits and pay yourself by saving at least 10% of your income. protect yourself and your property with plans that work for you. customers will soon be able to make internet video calls through skype. it allows iphone 4 to make free video calls to other users. ipod touch 4 users -- i'm missing something here. they will be able to receive video calls. i hope you got that. >> baltimore county firefighters
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returned to the neighborhood where more than a dozen people were poisoned by carbon monoxide. but first, maybe you laugh or cry or maybe a little of both. a look at the
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>> 2010 is coming to a close, and that means countdown. >> of the best of everything is being lifted, and that includes movies.
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we have the biggest box office hits. >> everything is comfortable. >> the corrupted kid starts the list of this year's box office hits. it is the only one animated or not driven by science fiction or fantasy. how to train your dragon comes and at no. 9. despicable me is 7. >> he goes through something that every new parent goes through. that is to have their day-to-day existence turned upside down. >> the beginning of the end of the harry potter series ranks number 6. they have finished next summer's finale. no tears for di caprio. inception is number 5.
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>> it is all cerebral, it is all existential. >> audiences are connecting to it and letting it. it is amazing. >> fans but -- put eclipse on number 4. iron man 2 is number 3. alice and wonder - -in wond -- in wonderland was number 3. >> we wanted to blur the lines a little bit with animation. >> due to always get played with every day? >> toy story 3 was the biggest box office hit. more than $1 billion worldwide. >> this was the most extraordinary film i had seen
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since "the incredible." >> away back in 1995. >> when worldwide box office receipts are taken into account, toy story came out 1 and 2. >> we rounded up the best stories and photos. >> i was shocked avatar wasn't on there. >> coming up, i will tell you what firefighters are doing to prevent more carbon monoxide poisoning from happening. >> the story, coming up. >> while picking up a meal,
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police officers stopped a suspected armed robber. >> this is wbal in hd. >> old habits die hard. that is what a rubber discovered after crossing paths with a retired police officer. a robber shot by a retired baltimore city police officer, the 63-year-old was in a restaurant when the on demand came in and announced the robbery. -- armed robber came in and announced a robbery. >> the entire situation is still under investigation. baltimore city police say a retired officer who was just up for a meal when he stopped a robbery. >>


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